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Fostering adirondack community

Community is the heart of the Adirondack Flag and its mission. We created the flag so we could publicly declare our love for and support of the park. And no surprise, the best part about it has been sharing that love with others.

The Adirondack flag helps us 'join the club' of people who feel the same way about the park as we do. 

Our commitment to the people and wilderness of Adirondacks is the core of the Adirondack Flag's mission. Our 10% to Thrive commitment ensures that your support of our community will support the greater Adirondack community too.

Organizations You've Supported Through the flag

We're always looking for opportunities to support great Adirondack non-profits. Have ideas for how we can support your community and a thriving Adirondack Park? 

Please let us know -- click here and send us a note.

The Adirondacks: We are Part of Each Other

We are logger, storekeeper, balsam, hemlock, miner, minister, bear and beaver. Farmer, guide, otter, apple tree.  Skier, doctor, mother, father, bus driver, owl. Hawk, vulture, chickadee. Skinny striped maple, straight-grained ash, lift operator, school teacher, student. We are lichen after rain, blackfly, wood duck, laugh-haunted loon. Brook trout, brown trout, uncle, aunt, peeling birch. Ranger, writer, painter, musician, scientist, waitress, sugar maple, mink, and marten. Coyote baying at December sunset, deer disappearing over scraper bank. Road crew, coach, midwife, fireman, boat-builder. Cattail, pickerel, waterlily, fern. White pine, red pine, wintergreen, raven. Husband, wife, mate, child, litter, pup, fawn, kit, hatch. Alive, here, in the same place at the same time. Part of each other.

Bill McKibben